In Harmony Featured in the Clatskanie Chief

A big thank you to the Clatskanie Chief for the feature on In Harmony and what we’re about, and currently offering.


“At the core, the goal is to create fun and interesting ways that inspire movement, and not just with your body for exercise, but also movement and investment of overall health, stress-management, mind-heart-body connection, and so much more,” said Jordan. “Class offerings will extend far beyond one type, such as yoga, and cross into a range of cardio, strengthening, flexibility and mobility, and specialty workshops (e.g. Self Defense; CPR basics), to name a few. We look forward to bringing these much-needed services to the community.”

The idea for a movement studio was born out of the need of the community that went beyond just a yoga studio. Jordan said that through conversations in the community, she realized that people in Rainier needed a range of options to improve their fitness and well-being. 

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