Special 6-Week Series: Journey In To You (Starts Fri. Feb. 16th)

Do you feel connected to yourself?

Are you looking for ways to know yourself better?

Are you seeking to be more attuned to your inner voice and life desires?

Are you looking to break free of old habits and ways of thinking?

Are you craving less stress and more joy?

Join us for this custom 6-week self-enrichment course to help guide you on a journey into yourself, to connect with who you are, who you want (and are meant) to be, and give actionable pathways to get started to the Journey Into You.

You are precious and you are worth it.

In this series of 6 classes you will learn strategies and ways to create a fulfilling daily routine, discover your own unique form of creative expression, exercise or movement that invigorates your mind and body without feeling like a chore, food and nourishment that works for your specific needs, and find the inspiration to connect with yourself, love who you are, and honor the beautiful vessel that is your body.

Fridays 7:00-8:00pm; last class 7:00-9:00pm

Class Outline:

2/16: Class 1 “Reconnecting to your Daily Schedule” (1 hour)

2/23: Class 2 “Revising your image of Self” (1 hour)

3/8: Class 3 “Connecting Mind & Body” (1 hour)

3/15: Class 4 “Finding your Passion” (1 hour)

3/22: Class 5 “ The Artist Within You” (1 hour)

3/29: Class 6 “ You Are What You Seek” (2 hours)

About the Instructor:

Jen Moondancer, a Wellness/ Life Coach and Health Educator, has created a series of meditation, stretching, dance, journaling and artistic techniques to help you reconnect to the spark, the feeling of connectedness to your inner power.