Vision Board Workshop: Fri. 2/10 from 7-9pm

We all get into a space where trying to accomplish tasks can seem unattainable. Being exhausted from work, cleaning the house, taking care of kids, animals, commuting and trying to find time for ourselves can seem impossible. What the biggest issue often is feeling connected to what our ultimate goal was in the first place.

This workshop will open you up to feeling inspired again. Creating attainable goals for your lifestyle.

Jen Moondancer, a wellness/ life coach and health educator will start the class off with an introduction of the concept of goal setting. What this next year may look like for you and what form of art, exercise, self-care, travel, etc. that you desire.

She will then guide you on a 10 minute meditation to help you see what those aspects of your life will look like. You will then journal what you saw, set short term goals and long term goals. This will help narrow down the images you need to create your vision board.

Then we will start crafting! Boards will be provided of various sizes, magazines, markers, scissors, glue, and various art supplies to help you create and manifest your goals. All you will need to bring is a journal and a favorite picture of yourself that you are comfortable using for your vision board.

Towards the end of the class, Jen Moondancer will show you how you can harness the images on the board to help you refocus your subconscious mind to move you forward on your manifesting journey.

Even if you have never felt like an artist, or had artistic talent of any kind, this class is a safe space to allow you to flow into creation without judgment. Inspiration is essential for you to feel connected to yourself.

This class will connect you back to what is most important, You.

About the Instructor:

This course is led by Jennifer Moondancer an Advanced Neuromuscular massage therapist, health educator, skin care specialist and cosmetologist. Her passion for health and wellness has led her on the path to creating spaces for others who seek to learn the creativity within themselves and how to cultivate it for overall health and wellbeing.

She has been teaching classes on meditation, art creation and wellness for over 6 years. She has created a unique program that helps others tap into their artistic creativity to find their own form of healthy living.