Pelvic Health Workshop: Sunday 2/25 & 3/3 from 3-5pm

Join Megan Mathers Yoga in this foundational workshop about pelvic health. Learn about the four essential pillars of pelvic wellness and explore common dysfunctions in a safe, inclusive space.

Through a gentle, embodied movement practice and in-depth anatomy insights, you’ll gain a better understanding of your pelvic region. Megan brings a wealth of expertise to guide you towards holistic wellness.

Join us for an empowering experience that will leave you feeling grounded, informed, and connected to the wisdom of your body. All levels are welcome!

Both classes are not required but recommended for the full benefit.

Registration now open.

Cost is $30 each or $50 for both

Part 1 focuses on information, anatomy, common dysfunctions and what you can do about them and much more!

Part 2 focuses on embodying all that we’ve learned by gaining a felt sense of our own pelvic region through breath work, visualization, meditation, chanting, yoga and yoga nidra. Learn how it’s all connected and leave with practical tools you can use at home.

Megan is a certified Pelvic Health Yoga Instructor, Integrative Pelvic Health ® Facilitator and Member & Affiliate of Pelvic Health Professionals.”