NEW CLASS: Sound Healing: Sound Bath

Sound Healing: Sound Bath with initial December sessions announced; Registration now open.

*Please note a separate waiver must be signed to participate in this class.

Sound has been used millennia for healing. Sound Healing is a type of therapeutic modality that uses sounds and/or instruments to help trigger a relaxation response to stimulate the release of stress while helping bring the body into balance.

If you’ve ever been uplifted while listening to a favorite song, you’ve experienced a form of sound therapy/healing.

One type of sound healing is a sound bath which provides an immersive non-invasive full-body experience. Sound baths are an example of passive healing where the participant most often lies down with blankets and pillow, in a rest posture. It can also be conducted seated if laying is not comfortable.

In this class the instruments used are a variety of crystal singing bowls (C-major chord) that creates tones and resonance that help the brain with entrainment which synchronizes brainwaves that then help us down-shift into a place of stillness which creates a more relaxed and meditative state, allowing the body rest to help heal. It’s not uncommon for people to fall asleep during a sound bath.

These sessions are “sound impact” only. Although there is an approach of placing vibrating bowls or instruments on a person, this class does not offer that.

The session starts with some grounding exercise to start down-regulating the nervous system from the day and getting to a greater place of relaxation and rest. The actual sound bath is approximately 20-30 minutes, followed by a short period of quiet and rest, and session closing.

Please note, sound baths are not for everyone and there are certain conditions that disqualify from participation (for your safety) or require doctors approval. Some of these contraindications include:

– Any epileptic episode (strictly not allowed)

– 1st & 3rd trimester pregnancy

– Device implants of any kind (check with doctor if passive listening and no direct contact with the vibrations is allowed)

– Hearing aids

– Severe heart conditions

– Undergoing treatment for severe depression or anxiety

– Tinnitus (please relay if you have; placement would be further away from the bowls)

– Those with extreme sound sensitivity

Sound baths are like a massage for the whole body. While it can be very relaxing, it’s also very powerful in that it can create certain detox effects such as emotional movement, loosening up buried stresses or thoughts that may come up afterward that need to be processed. While this can be momentarily uncomfortable when it happens it’s the bodies way of bringing something to the surface to finishing processing to move on.

Not everyone experiences this but shifts and emotional movements do happen and it is totally normal. The timeframe varies by person, if any symptoms, from days after to weeks to even months.

A sample of common detox symptoms after sound healing include:

– A feeling of calm or relaxation that extends after class

– Better sleep

– Tiredness

– Unexpected feelings or thoughts

– Headache

– Vivid or intense dreams

– Release of old pains stored in the body

– Feeling more connected

– Personal insights

– Shifts in perspective

– Crying/ emotional movement

– Anger

– Needing extra sleep

– Craving healthier foods/being hungrier

To participate in sound baths at In Harmony an initial intake form must be filled out at minimum of 24-48 hours prior for the instructor to review to ask any follow-up questions. This is for your safety!

We look forward to bringing this incredible modality to In Harmony and introducing the community to a beneficial tool to help relieve stress and feel better.

Class Instructor: Nicole Jordan, co-owner of In Harmony, has a long standing passion for natural healing modalities, tools that help regulate the nervous system, and plant-based healing. She’s participated in sound baths for over a decade and has her expert-level certification in crystal-singing bowls from Life Changing Energy. Her focus is on creating a relaxing environment and introducing people to the harmony that sound baths can bring through sound and vibrational healing.