NEW CLASS: Introduction to Breathwork (12/16 & 12/29)

With the holiday season and 2024 right around the corner, we all forget about one thing that helps us stay present and calm, breathing.

Breathing is a natural process our bodies do without us even thinking about it. But, have you considered how much your racing thoughts, anxiety and stress are attributed to rapid or labored breathing? 

When we are focused on a project, deadline, bills, etc. our breathing pace starts to increase, we take shorter breaths and even hold our breath without even realizing it.

These unintentional breathing patterns decrease the necessary oxygen to our brain and body that we need to make more clearly formed thoughts that help us make better choices for our lives, in part, because it keeps us in fight-or-flight-or-freeze mode. 

Research studies show that when we focus on taking deep, cleansing, breaths throughout our day, it lessens our bodies’ negative physical responses to stress and pain, and can help bring our parasympathetic nervous system back in harmony.

In the Introduction to Breathwork class, we will educate and teach you the various ways to create and cultivate healthy breathing techniques that you can use in many facets of your day-to-day life. It can help you break out of unhealthy patterns that we all create to deal with stress, and instead calm the mind, relax the body and be able to be fully present in the moment.

If you’re seeking to create a new resolution or goal to improve your health and body without the pressure of overhauling your life to attain it, this is the perfect class for you. The process of balance starts with one breath at a time.

About the Instructor:

This course is led by Jennifer Moondancer an Advanced Neuromuscular massage therapist, health educator, skin care specialist and cosmetologist. Her passion for health and wellness has led her on the path to creating spaces for others who seek to learn the creativity within themselves and how to cultivate it for overall health and wellbeing. 

She has been teaching classes on meditation, art creation and wellness for over 6 years. She has created a unique program that helps others tap into their artistic creativity to find their own form of healthy living.